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Title: Want to hear your voice
Rating: PG
Paring: Yonghwa x Jonghyun
Length: 1,356 Words
Author's Note: So... the beginning of this I was really excited for and I think it turned out great, but then the ending... ugh. I wanted it to go one way, but then that had nothing to do with the beginning, then when I did make it do with the beginning, it wanted to turn out sexy like I didn't want it to. Overall, frustrating and it sucks at the end :/

Also, I got the idea for it because I was checking out this new fic request comm, music_rave , and shihan_ai suggested it and my brain instantly started writing the beginning. so, if you're reading this, this is for you, whoever you are. I'm sorry if it disappoints, but I warned you.

"Why don't you ever say anything?"Collapse )
Title: Mischievous Is My Middle Name
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Onew x Taemin
Length: 2,793 Words
Author's Note: Written for my friend seoulofdarkness <3 ilusm Chona

Title: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy (Without The Bitchy)
Rating: R
Paring: Wonbin x Jonghoon
Length: 1,252 Words
Author's Note: Written for my cousin kuiper_belt

There were a lot of things Wonbin liked about Jonghoon.Collapse )
Title: The Cure For Insomnia
Rating: PG
Paring: Onew x Key
Length: 848 Words
Author's Note: Written because I had the cutest image of Key wearing footie pajams and I wanted to get it out. I imagined them looking like this x3 Also dedicated to je_sea_kah <3


Why are you still awake?Collapse )


Title: WonKiHyun
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Wonbin x Hongki x Seunghyun
Length: 3,251 words
Author's Note: Written for the contest over at capslock_ftland. Also dedicated to o_frick and livelovespeak37

Drunk!Hongki is everyone's favorite Hongki 8DCollapse )

Oneshot // Filming // SHINee OT5

Title: Filming
Rating: R-NC-17
Paring: OT5 (2Min, OnJongKey)
Length: 2,239 words
Author's Note: Written for the contest over at shineesmut . The prompt "Filming" with pairing "OT5". (except they haven't put me on the list of participants, yet Dx)

Also dedicated to my RP Heechul :3

When I told my mom I wanted to be a director, I never told her what kind…Collapse )
Title: Best Valentine's Day, Ever
Rating: G
Paring: Jonghyun x Onew
Length: 937 words
Author's Note: Wrote this for an RP friend of mine, Alexis. I hope she loves it and feel better soooooon <33 Happy Valentine's Day~!

Of course, Jinki knew he was no actorCollapse )
Title: Hard Song, Gentle Words
Rating: G
Paring: Jonghyun x Onew
Length:  200 words
Author's Note: Written for the 200 member contest over at jongyu using the prompt "Brown-Eyed Soul's 정말 사랑했을까 (Did We Really Love?) @ 080730 Shim Shim Tapa"

Title: There's a First Time for Everything
Rating: R
Paring: Jonghun x Minhwan
Length:  1,831 words
Warnings: Slight bondage
Author's Note: Written for Kuiper_Belt :) Happy Birthday mi amiga! "아미고!~" I hope you enjoy it!


Read more...Collapse )
Title: You Make a Pretty Girl
Rating: PG-13
Paring: Wonbin x Hongki
Length: 935 words
Author's Note: Um...I got the prompt from the Suju prompt generator. and the dress was based on this picture :3

It doesn't mean I enjoy it...Collapse )

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